The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage In Saudi Arabia

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No gay marriage in K.S.A
Gay marriage phenomenon has been known for a long time. There are many counties legalize it, and the biggest continent that allow gay marriage is North America. With the time, gay marriage begins to be allowed in some counties. Some countries accept this phenomenon and they have been allowing gay marriage as, Argentina and Brazil. On the other hand, some countries do not accept homosexuality, and they prevent gay marriage, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Also, Saudi Arabia does not believe of homosexuality. However, People must not be selfish and think just about their self because they live in a community and they should see the benefit for themselves and their society. Same sex marriage will never be possible in Saudi Arabia
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First, Saudi Arabia is a connected society. The relative should visit each other time to time. Also, most people there know their neighbors and visit them. So, Saudi society is tight community and if they know that their neighbor’s son is gay person, they will break their relationship with their neighbor or relative. This will bring shame to the whole family. However, men and women are physically separate because of their culture. Most places in Saudi Arabia prohibit male and female gathering. For example, school and university have different buildings, some of them are for men only, and the others are for women only. Both sexes are not allowed to be dating even there are some people dating of the opposite sex, but this is under the table. As you can see, both sexes are physically separate and that is one of the reasons for them to prefer …show more content…
Most families in Saudi Arabia want to see their children and their grandchildren. For instance, the family wants to the child from their own flesh and blood, so they don’t want surrogate mother or an or orphan child. Also, Family relations are tight in Saudi Arabia. In addition, usually in Saudi Arabia boys and girls lives with their parents until they get married, that mean they will know if their child is gay or not. When the family know about their son or girl is homosexual, they will punish their child, they will prohibit him to come to their house, or they might neglect him. Some people work hard to help their son to leave this sin and ask God for forgiveness. Furthermore, Subhi and Geelan agreed that “Many homosexual people have felt that they had to completely renounce their Christian identity when they identified as a homosexual.” That was one of the reasons Saudi Arabia do not allow gay marriage.
Some people think it is a moral revolution aimed at people’s view of homosexuality changing, and its freedom. However, they discomfort with homosexuality. No one can stop anybody for loving something and he/she did not hurt anyone. Also, they are same sex and they cannot have kids, that will help kids who need adoption or they can have kids by surrogate mother. They can leave their culture and their family to live in comfortable place no one can judge them. For example, Brazil because gay marriage is legal

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