The Dreaded Compension Of Facebook

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The dreaded suspension from Facebook ads account
One morning in early January, Seattle commercial photographer Mark Jansen woke up to find that Facebook had suspended his business page. Worse still, the page had been reassigned to a random person on his page, who promptly renamed it to set up a business page and steal all of Jansen’s fans. To add insult to injury, seven emails to Facebook over a two week period did nothing to help restore his page, and he had to resort to starting all over. This kind of catastrophic suspension can set your business back years.

The example above is fairly typical of the way Facebook appears to handle suspensions. We’ve heard horror stories of pages being “reported” by competitors and being suspended, leaving
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Your Facebook page will nearly always be suspended for a real or perceived violation of the Facebook terms of service.

So, when you are suspended, the very first thing to do is check your payment accounts- credit card or PayPal. You may have been hacked, or maybe you spent way more this month than usual. In these types of cases, Facebook often shuts your account down to protect you.

If all looks in order there, you’ve likely flouted one of the rules accidentally. This can be any number of reasons, such as:

Creating third party advertising or ads for affiliate marketing programs
Creating ads for a dating, singles, relationship or similar type of website
Attempting to get likes for work from home, make money online or list building page
Creating a page to collect email addresses
Making a finance-related page
Promoting a website with a redirected URL
Using Facebook ads coupons purchased elsewhere
Creating a brand new Facebook account and immediately setting up ads
Submitting ads on behalf of someone else ads on behalf of your client for their page or website?
Using more than one Facebook account to create ads for the
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Step One - Appeal your suspension.
While it is a long and tedious process, and most Facebook suspension appeals are simple lessons in frustration, some can be successfully appealed. So, if you do not believe you broke any of the rules mentioned above, it is worth the time and effort.

Many suspensions are simple funding issues and can be corrected easily. For instance, if you changed your funding source recently or your billing zip code does not match what Facebook has, you might get suspended, but can easily remedy that situation. Likewise, an expired or over the limit card can be replaced with a valid one, but be aware that the name on the credit card needs to match your Facebook account name to avoid problems.

Other simple issues are creating ads from a different location than Facebook is used to or using a proxy server. Additionally, advertising a link with a 404 error or that is extremely slow to load can earn you a suspension as well. One other simple issue is changing your ad several times after the original submission; this can generally be successfully

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