The Pros And Cons Of Embryonic Stem Cell Life

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The Davis family is a very amazing and heartwarming story. Some would even say their families story is a miracle. Mr. and Mrs. Davis got pregnant with a little boy. Mr. Davis, who was a nurse, knew that there was a very good chance for his baby son to get the sickle cell anemia disease. This disease is found more in the african american race. Sure enough when their baby boy was born he was diagnosed with the sickle cell anemia disease. They were told their little boy would not live to see his teen years. The Davis parents would not take this; they were to look and keep looking for an option that would save their son.
Finally, they had found a doctor that laid out all the options for them. This doctor had told them that their had been a study
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The research is not necessarily needed in the world. Most would argue this topic all day. If someone needed stem cells they could get them from the adult. The adult stem cells would end of killing of innocent human embryos. Today researchers and funding are straying away from the idea of embryonic stem cell research for multiple reasons. Spare embryos shouldn’t be used in views of some people. If they are not supposed to be used for research or anything else, they should just be kept as “spare.” People view the embryos as being extra or unwanted by the parents. They believe that these embryos could go to adoption agencies to help a family if that is what the parents want. The embryos could be used to put into another woman, such as in vitro fertilization. Thousands of children are born every year by this process of using the spare embryos. The other argument would be that the embryonic stem cell research is still very necessary. ESC research is necessary for studying and researching many different types of cells. It is the base for all cells that may be needed for research. It is known that people who believe the research is unnecessary have very ideological opinions and reasoning. They are against it because of their beliefs, culture, and backgrounds. It is necessary because if stopped tons of very high knowledge would be gone. This research is needed to continue and maximize our knowledge of the medical

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