Argumentative Essay: The American Education System

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Picking out a college is exciting and most of us had a vision of what university we will be going to since we were ten years old. We get that fancy acceptance letter and everything is set to go and then you see the bill of your first semester, should you still go or should you find a cheaper alternative? It seems that most students stick with their dream college, then they will be able to find a job as soon as they have graduated and then start paying it all off. This conclusion comes from the 1.3 trillion dollars in student debt that the United States currently holds. What’s a solution to this debt you may ask, maybe it’s the idea of “free college” that many politicians have recently been introducing or maybe it’s as simple as going to a cheaper …show more content…
I picked Germany because I already referenced it and most people point to Germany when comparing education systems. Like America, kids at the age of six until the age of ten are enrolled in elementary school, Grundshule in German. But that’s where most of the similarities between German and American education disappear. After elementary school students have the option, depending on their grades, of three different high schools. If you have below-average grades you would go to a high school called Hauptschule, average grades lands you in Realschule, and if you have excellent grades you are enrolled in the Gymnasium school. There are a couple differences between the Hauptschule and the Realschule to Gymnasium because they only offer school up until the tenth grade and if you go the Gymnasium high school you have the opportunity to get what’s equivalent to an Associate’s degree. But, if you are put into a certain school, you can still move up or down throughout the school system. Even if you aren’t in the Gymnasium school, you can go to a vocational school for 2 years to get your Associate’s degree, which is mandatory and then you can go to a University. In Germany there is a two-tier system when it comes to college. There is a traditional university that covers a wide range of subjects and makes both teaching and research and then there is an applied science style university that focuses on economics, architecture, and

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