Was Donald Trump A Psychopath Or A Sociopath?

I am in shock at the results of Tuesday’s election. I thought America was better than this, and it completely broke my heart to find out we weren’t. We have Just elected a man with no plans with no empathy and channels the darkest instincts of Americans. Whose character is completely unfitted to be in the most respected and honorable position in the world. Who has insulted, women, Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, Muslim Americans, attacked the pope, insulted our military insulted veterans, and prisoners of war, who sexually assaulted and potentially have done worse things to women, Whose ghost writer described him as a sociopath and whose majority of businesses has failed, we elected a man Economist has ranked the 4th most dangerous thing …show more content…
I was in utter despair and hopelessness That this man has all branches of government on his side, Paul Ryan states he “earned a mandate”( mandate so much for checks and Balances), knowing for at least 2 years he has unchecked power and that hatred ignorance won. But we cannot blame only the deplorable and the ignorant, for trump’s victory part of the blame goes to us and the media, the polls had people complacent if the people knew how close this election was going to be I know for a fact Donald Trump would’ve lost The media didn’t do its job, yes but it’s the people’s fault too “Hillary is going to win so I’m not gonna vote” is also a reason don’t just blame others and accept that responsibility if you didn’t vote for her and learn from this mistake. Whether you like her or not Hillary was definitely more qualified than trump for the highest office in the world Hillary spent 40 years of her life building her career to lose the presidency to a man who first involvement in national politics was accusing Barack Obama of being a Muslim

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