The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

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This is a fascinating question because it allows the debate to continue on a burning issue that is not getting a lot of attention until recently by one of the Presidential candidates, I will further elaborate on that in my explanation.

My experience is tremendous to this topic because I have witnessed many unfair trade practices in other countries that I have traveled to over the past several years. One problem many countries are faced with is that their counterparts are not living up to their end of the free or equal trade. One country in particular that I used to live in and, that country is Japan. In Japan, anything that is labeled, manufactured or produce in the United States of America is often expensive when the seller is selling the
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Imported goods will attract a whopping 35% primarily cars that our manufacturer builds overseas and turn around and send them back to the United States of America. The common sense solution that Mr. Trump is proposing should be enacted into law because it would help protect loyal manufacturers who manufacture their cars and goods here in the USA. Some people might think it would cripple the U.S economy especially his opponent Senator Ted Cruz. In respect, this would create more jobs and force the greedy manufacturer to build their cars here in the United States. The whole notion of making U.S cars overseas is to lower the wage bill while stuffing the investors pocket with hundreds and millions of dollars. If I were an investor in a company like Ford, who is building a plant in Mexico because of cheaper labor cost, I would be happy because I am that greedy. However, the auto industry should do what is morally right and think about the failing economy of Chicago and build another plant there so the cash strap economy can boost once more …show more content…
Hence, those countries that export their products here in the U.S are benefiting from a sweetheart deal by not paying their fair share. Another example that countries like Japan, Thailand, China, Jamaica (yes Jamaica) are not playing the game fairly, if I were supposed to send something through the mail to one of those country they would tax it heavily, items such as new clothing and electronic will attract a massive tax or fee. Now, if someone were to send me something from one of those country to the United States postal service it would enter without attracting a fee. Therefore, there is an issue with our system here in America that need to change, so our manufacturer doesn 't feel the harsh burden.

Hence, firstly, I believe that countries who imposes taxes on imported goods into their countries is doing their public and private sector a favor by one collect more money to fund the public sector. Secondly, discourage the purchased of foreign goods and encourage to buy locally produce or manufacture products. Lastly, play the game somewhat in their defense of keeping the end of their bargain. Lastly, we Americans are too soft on other foreign countries while slamming our own local

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