The Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Today in the 21st Century, cosmetic surgery has become part of modern peoples’ lives, where most of the people who get the procedure are battling with the side effects. In general, cosmetic surgery is an operation or procedure that alters and enhances a person’s appearance. It also has high risk as well as other surgeries during or after the operation and it takes quite some time (a few months) to get better (, 2015). Although other people mention that cosmetic surgery should not be banned as it helps someone to increase their confidence and self-esteem level, it is free choice of individuals and it can help others to become healthier, there are several disadvantages conversely.

The first argument put forward by the opponents
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It is true that every individual has their own right to decide whatever they want, in most of the cases they strongly stated theis as their reason. However, a person can get addicted to cosmetic surgery which can bring a really bad effect, for example, if the person is doing a cosmetic surgery and the result is not as per their expectation, it can lead them to do more surgery until they get satisfied and happy of their look. Moreover, the illegal practice or treatment of cosmetic surgery might be applied or used by cosmetic surgeon. This is an important thing for people to consider before doing a cosmetic surgery as nowadays there is a lot of non-certified and unprofessional cosmetic surgeon out there under the black market. Another disadvantage of cosmetic surgery is the big amount of cost that is involved. People who can afford it only can do the surgery because even a small injection such as Botox can cost $400 for one injection (Hagy, …show more content…
The opponents feel that it can help someone to improve their health with a cosmetic surgery such as liposuction where it can reduce weight. In contrast to it, cosmetic surgery can carry a risk of getting infection and can be life threatening where some cases the bacteria eat away the tissue of our body (, 2015). Moving on, there will be a negative physical effect towards the person. The surgery procedure done on any physical body can lead to physical effect afterwards if the procedure is not done well and carefully. Getting a cosmetic surgery has a high possibility of getting new area affected. This will occur when the result does not last long and they turn out to be really abnormal and uneven, such as Botox where some part of the face looks so stiff and other parts look really uneven.

In a nutshell, cosmetic surgery is harmful to a person as it can affect ones health physically and mentally afterwards and people should give a second thought before attempting this kind of operation. In addition, when it comes to getting a cosmetic surgery done on any of body part, people always neglect the chances of getting a scar that will be hard to get it removed. With all the disadvantages of plastic surgery, people can tell whether it is good or not for themselves. There is a saying “if it am not broke, do not fix it” by Bert Lance (Martin,

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