How Does Technology Affect The Music Industry?

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Today, technology is changing so fast that even a piece of kit which was created five years ago, could now be classed as obsolete. The only reason for keeping certain types of equipment is that the producer may prefer using certain parts of the kit, or not being able to obtain the latest package. The largest transformation within music production has to be the Internet. It has opened up so many doors not just for producers, but also for the whole world to the point that we have become reliant on it. The introduction of the Internet brought file transferring software services, which has made life a lot easier for Producers and clients to work together, even if they are the other side of the world. This Cloud of infinite Digital space can be used all over the world, safely storing work for ease of access, more of this subject will be explained in detail in chapter three. Everything can be found by the using the Internet, the convenience is always there, this has been made even easier by Google, if you don‘t know something or want to find some information, then you can Google it. But it is not just the Internet that has pushed forward the technological advancement; it‘s the element of minimisation within technology itself. …show more content…
The easiest way of downloading music illegally is YouTube; anyone can upload anything unofficially, YouTube servers stop some videos but not all of them; most of the time some slip through the cracks. Another thing that just can 't be stopped is sharing of music to friends and family, this should not be wrong as when the consumer buys something, it should be the consumers right, and up to the Customer to make that decision. Most artists upload their own music for free, just so the consumers

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