Causes Of Childhood Diabetes

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Chubby kids are considered adorable by many, but when does this stop? The answer to that is when obesity and medical issues start to become a real concern for parents and doctors involved. In recent years childhood diabetes has been a disease that has been seen with more frequency according to (Cite evans) … the number of cases with children showing signs of type 2 juvenile diabetes is reaching epidemic territories. After the disease has been developed within the child there is no cure this is what makes the circumstances so dire. The child then has to learn how to balance exercise and diet and it is a strict regimen for someone of ages 4 through 10 to experience and sadly in the United States “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …show more content…
“The key goals are weight reduction with diet and regular sustained exercise managing childhood diabetes is exercise and eating correctly to better help the body” (cite wilson valerie pgs 16-20). Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, so joining a sport would highly benefit the child suffering from diabetes. The second thing to manage childhood diabetes is medication. Two that have been shown to help include metformin and sulfonylureas. Metformin works by improving the sensitivity of your body tissues so it uses insulin more effectively, also lowers glucose production in liver. While on the other hand Sulfonylureas work by helping the body secrete its own insulin (cite). Since type 2 diabetes stems from a lack of activity and being overweight the last and certainly the most drastic way to manage the disease is to have gastric bypass surgery. When considering gastric bypass surgery the patient has to consider all thing that go into surgery meaning personal funds for it and the after care. The surgery is not a magical end all to the disease, exercise and eating right still go hand and hand …show more content…
Overeating and inactivity have serious aftereffects on the bodies like afore mentioned cardiac arrest and diabetes are just two of the thing that can happen because of it. When dealing with childhood diabetes it is all about eating the right things, meaning cutting out all of the sugary foods found in an overabundance around us everyday no matter how hard that may be. Balance is the major key in beating diabetes and getting healthier, exercise and eating right have to go hand and hand with this. In the long run if fast food companies do not start addressing the junk they are putting their foods to mass produce the world is going to become a sicker place. Tell me do you think the world will look good generations from now if we as people keep eating this

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