Keystone Pipeline Proposal

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Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal: A Step Backward

A pipeline through our country to supply our need for crude oil is a backward concept, as we should be working toward a clean renewable energy source. Our current reliance on crude oil has us in a panic to find ways to obtain this crude oil with cheaper and easier methods. The Keystone XL Pipeline Plan will not be a cheap and easy way to obtain more fossil fuel and it will cause more damage to our environment and climate as well as harm our safety and economy.
In 2005 of a plan for a pipeline for transporting tar sands from Alberta Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas was announced and in 20012 TransCanada applied for a permit to start the building process for the second phase of the Keystone
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The loss of habitat during the mining of the land in Alberta will affect the migratory birds, Caribou, whooping cranes, and bears and wolves by taking everything in the area and leaving massive mining pits of nothing. Refining this dirty crude oil will take a considerable amount of energy that it almost negates the amount of energy that will be gained from the crude oil. Not to mention the refining process will emit more heat trapped carbon dioxide emissions than reefing regular crude oil. James Hansen, a NASA scientist reports that refining the tar sands oil will double the amount of carbon pollution emitted by the entire global …show more content…
TransCanada reports the construction will bring over 20,000 jobs and increase the economic stimulus. After construction it is approximated to bring only 50 permanent jobs. Refining is expecting to produce 830,000 barrels of dirty oil every day. This will not have a measurable impact to the U.S. gas prices or energy reserves as the oil will be sold and shipped overseas. This does not help the U.S. in the reliance of obtaining oil from the Middle East and Venezuela.
The U.S. needs to take a step forward with renewable cleaner energy sources not to put money into a polluting fossil fuel proposal as the Keystone XL pipeline. There are far too many environmental concerns as well as health and safety issues. The minute amount of economic stimulus is not worth the impact the pipeline can cause to our climate and environment. Also, in spite of safety measures the current pipeline has had 14 spills or leaks in the time frame from June 2010 to January

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