The Program Logic Model Long Term Outcome Essay

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Research Question
The program logic model long-term outcome is the change in behavior of the population to reduce the number of drivers under the influence. While in the short run the main concern (outcome) is to reduce the number of accidents due to drivers under the influence.
In this sense, this evaluation will try to answer the question of whether the Lei Seca Operation in Rio de Janeiro has an immediate and/or continuous negative effect on the number of accidents resulting from drivers under the influence.

Research Design
To be able to assess the program impact it is believed that the basic model to follow is the simple Single Interrupted Time-series (SITS) design. Hence, this type of design will provide evidence and an estimate of the causal effect of the Lei Seca Operation and the number of accidents due to driving under the influence. Furthermore, to be able perform this type of research it is necessary to have a substantial number of pre and post program observations to guarantee the statistical validity of the analysis. (Biglan, A., Ary, D., Wagenaar, A., 200)

In this sense, this type of research design is advocated for public policy interventions. Particularly because time series design permits the evaluator to find the effect of a public intervention in a society were controlled experiments are impossible due to ethical or feasibility reasons. In addition, this type of design is mostly used in initial evaluations of public programs and improvement of their…

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