Essay about The Profitable Soil Remediation Method

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Phytoremediation and Phytomining: the Profitable Soil Remediation Method

Abstract: The 200 – acre land in Yolo County, California, currently sought out by the local government for developing the land for commercial farming or business operations, is heavily polluted from abusive usage from the previous chemical manufacturing plant. From several onsite expeditions, it has been determined by my team that the soil is heavily polluted with large quantities of zinc and copper metals. Although more traditional methods such as soil washing or applying chemical oxidants would resolve the contamination issue, there is an alterative method that is both more cost efficient, environmentally safe, and economically profitable. This process is known as phytoremediation, the direct use of plants to remove contaminants in the environment, and it will be discussed in detail throughout this paper. In addition, specific plant species with the capabilities to specifically remove zinc and copper pollutants from the 200 –acre land will be reviewed.

It was determined that the 200- acre land in Yolo County, California is heavily contaminated with the metals zinc and copper. In order for the land to be utilized for agricultural purposes it must undergo soil remediation. Several soil remediation methods that have been used are in the form of physical, chemical, and biological activities. Two major forms of physical soil remediation methods are soil washing and soil vapor extraction. Soil washing…

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