Essay about The Production Anon ( Ymous ) By Naomi IIzuka

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The production Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka was produced by Playscripts, Inc. Anon(ymous) was shown in the John Anthony Theatre at Collin College and was attended on the 8th of October, 2016. Location of seating in the theatre was to the left facing the stage where the seats were furthest and slightly elevated. An advantage to this position in the theatre was having the ability to see over others who chose to be seated closer to the stage, so the entire set was able to be seen in its whole. Due to this position in the theatre a big disadvantage was not being able to see facial expressions of the actors and actresses too well.
Anon(ymous) opens with refugees recalling what they remember from their homeland. They reminiscence about the environment that was around them and of their families. A transition is made to Nemasani, a refugee who has found work in Mr.Mackus’s sewing factory. Mr.Mackus introduces two visitors, Senator Laius and Mrs.Laius. Mrs.Laius unknowingly harrasses Nemasani about the cloth she is sewing, so Nemasani proceeds to tell her story of how she was separated from her son in a horrific shipwreck. Anon is then seen on the beach with Calista, the daughter of the family that has adopted him into their home. While obviously bothered by the annoying Calista, Naja appears and bluntly states that she is a goddess. Anon makes the choice to leave with Naja to swim out in the ocean. As Anon recalls his feelings of homesickness and the big emptiness he holds, Naja…

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