The Process Of Training And Preparing Leaders Essay

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The process of training Soldiers and preparing leaders is a process that takes place every day in an effort to develop and train the best possible unit. This process is broken down into three categories including Unit Training Management, Training Units and Developing Leaders, and how to conduct a Training Meeting. When this process comes together to form a final project, it signifies the Soldiers readiness to be deployed to the Combat Readiness Center.

When focusing on Unit Training Management, the commander is the person that controls the tempo and sets the precedence on what he wants his Soldiers to train on based on what guidance he is given from above. This process includes planning training, preparing for said training, and executing that training while constantly assessing the whole thing to determine if the current course of action is the correct one for the unit. When managing the training of your Soldiers, it is important to give them guidance on the tasks that they need to work on but also equally important to not micromanage the training because when that happens, the process of developing your subordinate leaders is hindered and will affect the future readiness of the overall unit, not to mention, it will also show your subordinates a lack of trust or faith in their ability to train efficiently. There are three main types of training which include, institutionalized, operational, and self-training, and all three are equally important as they required each other…

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