The Process Of Strategic Management Essay

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Facts Throughout history, we recognize successful leaders tend to accentuate optimism and motivational techniques to achieve objectives. Typically, they exude confidence, effective communication, and possess a positive attitude even if it appears the odds are not in their favor. Simply put, successful leaders manifest confidence and thus, are able to set and maintain a standard of excellence. As was mentioned in the text, “…Social science has now proved that a confident organization is far more likely to succeed than a doubtful one-even if its leader actually has doubts. Optimism, or positive thinking, works-even when the leader has to fake it” (Shafritz & Borick, 2011, p.185). Indeed, then, the process of strategic management is continuous as the organization’s goals and objectives advance. As Shafritz and Borick maintain, “Strategic management can be formally defined as the conscious selection of policies, development of capability, and interpretation of the environment by managers in order to focus organizational efforts toward the achievement of preset objectives” (Shafritz & Borick, 2011, p.181).
Given the contextual structure of the case study, a specific “decision” was not directly conveyed; however, the levels of leadership were expounded upon. Nonetheless, the concepts of strategic management were discussed in light of the levels of leadership as well as optimism as a relevant strategic factor. Clearly, then, the strategic management process that…

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