The Process Of Reading And Doing Assignments On My Signature Themes

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In the process of reading and doing assignments on my Signature Themes, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about myself and how I should be handling everyday life. Signature Themes are traits that an individual has that tells a lot about their personalities and morals. After taking a short personality assessment, the results are given to you by judging your values and how you tend to do things such as interact with people or what you enjoy doing for fun. These Signature Themes are to help one understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how to properly maximize themselves. My Signature Themes were Consistency, Deliberative, Discipline, Intellection, and Learner. People who have the Consistency Signature Theme need to have set rules and expectations laid out for everybody. They tend to not work well in environments that allow exceptions for some individuals and not others, or in environments that do not agree with their own morals and values. Deliberative as a Signature Theme explains that I like to have organization and a structured schedule. Individuals who have Deliberative enjoy environments where dates are planned prior and rarely changed, and are kept exceptionally organized. These people also like to have “backup plans” to prepare for something going wrong. Individuals who have Discipline as their Signature Theme tend to want to maximize their time and energy, these people enjoy figuring out when they can get the most work done or having a structured plan to…

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