The Process Of Healing Seems Easy Essay

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The process of healing seems easy in the Bible. Just trust in the Lord and your sorrows will be forgotten. However, it does not feel as easy when people are actually faced with the problem of crisis. Healing from one takes great deal of time and energy and not everyone can do it as well. When proper support from family or friends is present it can be much easier to heal, but the process heavily depends on the person itself. Certain people never recover or do not want to recover. Often people are stuck in mental state of not being able to face themselves. They feel a lot more comfortoble not facing their problems and mental issues and instead of dealing with them try to escape them. That is where drugs and suicide come, they are ways to escape the problem not deal with it. Going back to Philippians 4:6, God tells us to let our requests be known, God tells us to admit that we suffer and change is needed. Sebastian Peter in his research concluded, after studying works of psychoanalisys of trauma done by such notable figures as Sigmund Freud and Lacan, that working through or "getting over" crisis is vital for the process of healing – "that the safest way out is usually through" (Sebastian, 2009). He also suggests that mental problems like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicidal tenencies are normal responses of human body. They are protection that is created to prevent any more crises happening. This brings an important discussion. What is actually right and normal to do…

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