The Problem Of Unemployment At Toa Essay

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Unemployment can be faced by different kinds of people but not all handle it the same. Indianapolis, Indiana is known as the city with most jobs equally for both lower, medium, and higher class. Different problems arise with unemployment with countless solutions attached to each specific issue, but there is only one good reasonable solution that will be beneficial for the problem. One company that is facing such problem is car parts and accessories manufacturers in Mooresville, Indiana called TOA. There may be more than one solution to solving the problem of unemployment at TOA, but the most effective would be making a better training program that will benefit both employers and employees.
Unemployment in the TOA company in Indiana has affected many families including my uncle, Mang Thawng. Kris Turner from Indystar claims that the main reason why unemployment exists in companies, “because of the amount of reliance on manufacturers” (Turner). In fact, companies have so much trust in machines that they’re disregarding workers’ ability. In a personal interview with Mang Thawng, he demonstrates how unemployment plays a role in family’s life. Indeed, unemployment affected families struggling to make ends meet. Not only does unemployment impact the stability of family’s relationship, it also has an effect on the relationship between coworkers and employers. Preparing better training programs will benefit both the relationship between employees because it will be a chance to know…

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