The Problem Of The Wonder Drug Essay

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The wonder drug is what they called it, a drug that would save many lives and save humanity itself. Finally people wouldn’t need to die from simple cuts, ear infections or even more complex illnesses like tuberculosis caused by bacteria. They could be well, walk again and be with their families. What a truly joyous day for everyone on September 3rd 1928 when Professor Alexander Fleming stumbled upon the drug he called penicillin on accident in his laboratory. This drug penicillin could actually kill or control the growth of bacteria, it was truly a miracle. In 1942, Selman Waksman used the term "antibiotics" to describe this drug and that is what we have called it to present day.
Now let’s Fast forward 72 years, where nobody thinks twice about a getting a paper cut during arts and crafts, a 3 year old getting an ear infection, a woman getting a urinary tract infection or even a teenager with syphilis, why? Because we have the wonder drug in vast abundance and in various forms, nobody feels like they have to worry, the thought of even worrying doesn’t come to anyone’s mind because why? They don’t know the truth; it’s as simple as that.
Let’s get to the basic definition of Antibiotics, It can be loosely defined as “the variety of substances derived from bacterial sources (microorganisms) that control the growth of or kill other bacteria”. Well that sounds fantastic, now why is this research paper being written? This paper is being written to bring awareness and to question…

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