The Problem Of The Water Supply Essay

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Africa is growing rapidly and the ten or twenty years to come, its population will grow. As of now, it’s growing at a 3.9 percent per year and it will continue to been one of the highest growing population in the world. Currently about 1.2 billion people live in Africa; with over 40 percent of the population living in urban areas. The growth of the population is demanding more and more water for this region. This problem is further aggravated by the rate at which populations will be increasing. More industry requires more water, and the quantity of water services is more demanding too. Plus the increase becomes any awareness to the government and it will provide better water services. (World Bank, 2016). All the water that is being used , for agriculture and power puts more pressure. But the water supply is very poor and many rely on water sources miles away from homes. Groundwater provides a different source but that is not very clean to use; which makes all the ground water on useable.
While overpopulation is a concern to many undeveloped countries, it’s wrong to assume that’s it’s the only problem the country is encountering. There are more serious problems third world countries can’t find a solution too. Poverty (diseases, water and sanitation) and the unequal distribution of wealth are many of the problems why countries don’t have enough resources to live on. Also countries with overpopulation such as India and China have higher probabilities to produce illnesses…

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