The Role Of Hunger In Sub-Saharan Africa

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I am the mother of all nations but yet I am the poorest of them all, can you guess who I am? Can you guess why I am poor? Who is responsible for my struggles? I am the richest land so how can a country like me endure so much pain? Is it to late to change things around? Can you guess who I am? I am Africa. For today 's topic I will talk about Africa but I will talk about Sub-Saharan and its current struggles.
So here we have a country that has it all. The lush of all gardens, the most exotic animals, gold, diamonds and oil. So if a country have all of that there should be no reason there are people dying everyday due to hunger, or simple illness right? Well let 's really think about it... You have a country with all these richest; you also
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So we have talked about the corruption now let 's talk about the poverty that Sub-Saharan Africa endure. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that two hundred and thirty-three million people in Sub-Saharan Africa were hungry or undernourished in 2014-2016. Sub-Saharan Africa ranks the second largest of having hungry people in the world. There has been little progress toward reducing hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2012 over five hundreds and one million, which is forty-seven percent of the population of sub-Saharan lives on only $1.90 per day or less.
So now that I have told you there is a huge poverty problem; now let 's talk about what is causing it and if the government is trying to fix it 's problem. Well the reason people are hungry is due to the fact that people don 't have enough income to buy enough food for themselves and families. The fact that a huge number of the population survive off of $1.90 per day or less is the problem of
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After doing research on the this topic I found out that is place is more corrupt than I thought. Every week we are learning about different countries but I have never heard about a country that doesn 't care about it 's people. Instead of trying to build each other up they are constantly trying to tear each other down. When I say that I mean it 's like everyone is looking out for their own and nobody else. When I wrote about the man raping the nine years old; I looked at my daughter and thought about a nasty man trying to put his hands on my child. The idea of a man not only raping my child but giving her HIV, but the icing on the cake is that he walked away because he paid someone off. This country has a long away to go. With God all things are

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