The Problem Of The National Football League Essay

1255 Words Nov 12th, 2016 6 Pages
In the past decade, American football has been in turmoil about brain damage suffered by players at all levels of the game. The National Football League is facing a class action lawsuit from hundreds of former players because of head trauma. They are donating huge amounts of funding to research the problem. Helmet manufacturers are searching for the idea that will protect players from concussions the best they can. The NFL and NCAA have put in a number of policy changes in an effort to reduce the number of head injuries.
However, for such a big problem in the America 's most watched game, there is almost information that could start up a potential solution. Even with generous donations from the NFL, the players, and the medical and stat labs across America, the incidence of injury at all levels of the sport keeps rising. This pattern will likely stay in put until two crucial changes come into play: the causes of concussions need to be understood and researched by respected doctors and physicians, and a better testing methods for helmets.
Many dead pro players have had their brains donated to research institutes across the country for analysis, and medical researchers are finding evidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative condition associated with repeated impacts to the head. Researchers see similarities between the brains of former players, elderly Alzheimer’s patients, and former boxers with severe dementia. Symptoms of CTE include depression,…

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