The Problem Of The Internet Essay

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Imagine this. You walk out of your house, grab the newspaper, look at the newspaper while you walk to your car, and finally get into your car. You start the car and drive to the bank. You were staring at the newspaper for so long that you weren’t paying attention to the person parked behind you. Now they know where your house is and what kind of car you drive. You drop your kids off at daycare. They now know what your kids look like and where they are during the day. This person follows you and when you go to the ATM, they now have your pin number and know where your money is. Does this worry you? Did you know this is considered stalking? Leaving your house is similar to getting on the internet or calling your friend. None of this is private anymore. What you search on the internet is available to the internet provider and who you call is available to the phone service. However, it is available to even more people than your providers. This information is available to the government as well. The American people have accumulated a negative attitude towards our government’s surveillance system as it has transformed into a mass gathering of millions of American citizen’s personal data. The government widely exaggerates the power these programs have in fighting terrorism. There is an imbalance in this system between privacy and national security and the scale needs to be altered to allow citizens to have more privacy and the responsiveness and communication between government…

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