The Problem Of Single Parent Households Essay

762 Words Nov 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Over the years, single parent households have become more, and more common than they were a few years back. Too many people, raising kids while being a single parent seems impossible both mentally and financially. Most single parent households seem to struggle financially because they no longer have a partner to help not only support but contribute to their overall household income. However while many single parent households experience some kind of struggle financially not all single parent homes do. Raising a household as a single parent can be very stressful in terms of finances. Which is why most single parent households and their families may experience financial stress, often the result of financial stress is because of some kind of burden a single family household may be experiencing. Things like rent or mortgage, bills, unexpected expenses not to mention your child’s expenses seem to be some of many great factors resulting in financial tension amongst many single parent households. In the article “ Running in place” the author Jennifer Wheary states that “millions are working hard to make ends meet and getting nowhere” (Wheary). This quote stood out to me because the author is referring to the single parents who are working very long hours and very hard in order to provide for their families and basically are not getting anywhere and continue to struggle financially. I personally do agree with what the author is saying because I too…

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