Essay The Problem Of Same Sex Love

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We are first introduced to Alex, most commonly known as Fish face. Alex was born 26 weeks prematurely and his parents were told that he could possibly not survive. Alex would get bullied by other people in class and even some high school kids on the bus. Alex gets punched, slapped, stabbed and called names just because he is different. Later on in the film we are introduced to Kelby, who is 16. Kelby is gay and just for that she is not accepted by anyone in her community. All of Kelby’s life she was brought up in a religious background. Being taught that same sex love is a sin. When her mother first asked her if she was gay, Kelby did not say yes, but burst out into tears. When the whole community found out her family was not welcome anywhere, not even church. At school, Kelby would have mean notes on her locker, rude comments from teachers, and isolation from all other students. Kelby loved playing basketball, but the other girls did not want to touch her. So, Kelby had to stop playing. Kelby became so broken down that she started to cut herself. Later on, her family did move away because the bullying did not stop.
Continued, we are introduced to Ta’Meya, who was bullied by students on the school bus. She had become so fed up with the name calling and throwing of objects, that she had brunt a gun on the bus with her to threaten the other children. This was not a good idea, because she was looking a jail time. She did get off, but had to be evaluated at a mental hospital,…

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