The Problem Of Poverty And Poverty Essay

1346 Words Mar 20th, 2016 null Page
I’ve never been the type of person who thinks much about poverty. I’ve seen many people in my family who have struggled with poverty and even my own family has struggle at one point in my life. In fact, we went bankrupt at one point because my mom had a gambling problem and this happened when I was a kid so I never really notice how much of a struggle we were in. Now my mom has her gambling problem under control and she went to meetings, but on those few time when she has gone to the casino with her brothers there is a part of me that fears that she might go back to that point in her life and now that I’m older I will notice the toll it will have on my family. I see my uncle living in poverty every day, seeing him barely making it by the end of the week to provide for his family. Poverty is something that I’ve seen in my life, but it is something that I don’t really think about until we started talking about it in class. All of our in-class activities and the readings we’ve done on poverty has really changed my perspective on the world. I’ve come to realized that even though at that one point in my life when we went bankrupt we were still privileged because we had a roof above our heads and I never had to wonder if I was going to have dinner that night or not. For instance, with the American Winter documentary film that we watched it really put a new perspective in my life. For instance, I thought that every poor person had a certain look and didn’t have nice clothes, but…

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