The Problem Of Poverty And Poverty Essay

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At the end of many Disney princess movies the saying, “And they all lived happily ever after,” is stated. However when the movie is over and we take a step back into reality, we realize no one lives in a “happily ever after” lifestyle. The word poverty is rated by the amount of money one person possess (U.S. Bureau of Census). Poverty can be broken up into two different categories: being poor and living in poverty because of life changing moment. Approximately, fifteen percent of all Americans are living in poverty (U.S. Bureau of Census). After a life-changing event like hurricane Katrina, nearly thirty percent of the people living in New Orleans lived in poverty ( Staff). How does one person with no money, home, or hope, find happiness in their lives? Through volunteering a person can take a step into a poverty stricken area and understand what it’s like to live that person’s shoes for hours, days, or even weeks. After volunteering, I can say that not everything is about the money and what you want, but it’s about only what you need. People living in the poorest and most devastated areas are just as happy as people that have everything they wanted in life. In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith plays the role of a parent living on the streets after just being evicted from his home and losing all of his money. The character, Will Smith, knows what it’s like to have everything and with the snap of a finger, nothing (Conrad). Happiness is not…

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