The Problem Of Police Brutality Essay

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Contested Word: Police
Minorities are living in fear. Fear, of those who have sworn to serve and protect their lives. Police Brutality is now being brought to the attention of citizens around the world. With the movements like #BlackLivesMatter, citizens are beginning to taking a stand against the injustices placed upon minorities. Being an African American women growing up in Cambridge Ontario, and now The KW area. I’ve always seen myself as a minority. It’s sad to know that those who are said to protect you, are the ones that we fear the most. I chose the contested word: Police. Meaning “Public Order” (Week 6 Slides), and I chose it because I feel personal attachment to this word. After many cases of police brutality that occurred throughout the past year, I began to realize the severe injustice. In March of 2016, 36 black people were killed. That’s about one black person killed every 21 hours (Scott 2015). I became on edge, nervous, and timid whenever I saw an officer in uniform. Worried that I may be the next one judged, due to the colour of my skin. A large issue with police brutality towards minorities is that there is no justice or punishment for their crimes. Cops rarely ever step foot into court, let alone get convicted (Scott 2015). In terms of contextual communication, black and brown minorities are now feeling terror and fear. Fear that the government doesn’t think their lives are worth fighting for. I’m interested in looking into the word Police, and studying…

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