The Problem Of Nuclear Power Essay

814 Words May 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Every year our planet comes into contact with multiple large scale pollution disasters which continue to lead us to our inevitable demise if we don’t change something. Right now, our lives are fueled mostly by Coal, and Oil which create large disasters. Pollutants from these disasters flood into our oceans killing millions of fish, and other sea creatures. The pollutants also get into our air which cause smog in many cities, which can lead to death amongst thousands of small children. The time is now to switch to an alternate source of electricity that is required to save our planet. Many people agree and disagree that nuclear power is the solution to all of our problems, but is it really safe?
In the United States there are two different types of nuclear reactors, one is called a Boiling Water Reactor, and the other is called a Pressurizing Water Reactor. The Boiling Water Reactor generates electricity by boiling water in the reactor pressure vessel and sending the steam to the turbine which generates electricity. The Pressurized Water Reactor varies from the Boiling Water Reactor because the water doesn’t ever get boiled in the pressurized vessel. Instead hot water is used to generate steam in a steam generator which then sends the steam to the turbines to create electricity. The fuel used in a nuclear power reactor is round pellets of Uranium 235. One of these pellet rods are equivalent to a ton of coal. In the reactor, Uranium 235 breaks apart when colliding with a…

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