Negatives Of Nuclear Power

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Have you ever been watching T.V. and just wondered where the energy that was powering the television was coming from, or how it was made? Well that power source is called nuclear power and many people do not think about nuclear power, or just not pay any attention to nuclear power, but nuclear power is one of the most useful thing to have been discovered. It powers so much. Without nuclear power you would not have electricity to charge Iphones and laptops. With nuclear power we do so much with it and yet so little is done compared to limit of nuclear power. Although nuclear power can cause harm to the environment, scientists are starting to recycle waste so it won 't be deposited into rivers, lakes and the ocean. People do not realise it, but without nuclear power who knows where we would be. We still may be using candles to light our entire house or still communicate through hand written letters. There would be no power or electricity. No T.V. or video games. …show more content…
According to Holt, Rinehart, and Winston (2001),
There are four types of nuclear radiation. There is Alpha Particles, Beta Particles, Gamma Rays, and Neutrons Emissions. Radiation occurs when a radioactive alom decays, then the nuclear radiation leaves the nucleus. Then the nuclear radiation interacts with nearby matter. The interaction depends on the charge, mass, and energy of the matter. (p. 221)
Radiation is very dangerous and takes a very large toll on the environment however it is very rare that radiation will be leaked out.
According to Holt, Rinehart, and Winston (2001), “radon is one of the many elements in radiation that go through changes and it is released in out of the radiation which radon is not harmful. Radiation is also riddled with unstable nuclei” (p. 220). It has a lot of elements in radiation. People may want to know this because they want to know how the thing they are using is made.
According to Holt, Rinehart, and Winston (2002),

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