Essay on The Problem Of Medical Identity Theft

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Medical Identity Theft Out of all the places we should feel our identities to be most secure, the individualized, private rooms where we discuss our latest health concerns should be one of them. Unfortunately for some, that is not always the case. Although identity theft is more popularly known as the act of an individual taking one’s personal information for financial gain, it can also occur within the healthcare field (American Optometric Association). Not only do individuals fall victim to the theft of their medical identities, through the means of others having access to their medical records, but along with that comes a more sinister side to medical identity theft; one that is often unexpected and can rarely be prevented. Though it is not as always recognized as other types of identity theft, the crime committed by abusing the rights to one’s medical information, is becoming a rather “growing concern in healthcare institutions” (Mancilla). Due to the growing age of technology use also comes along new and improved ways to record patient healthcare information. Most health care providers have turned from their old fashioned ways of using pen and paper to record a patient 's medical information, but step foot into a doctor’s office now and you will witness doctors and nurses carrying around laptops or ipads, which have replaced the manilla file folders we were all so accustomed to. Because of this new introduction of technology, “privacy advocates fear an increase in…

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