The Problem Of Global Change Essay

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The aspect of “global change” has become a very recognizable issue. People all over the world have become aware of the many issues contributing to the planet’s decline and unsustainable future. These environmental changes are continuously being researched and addressed, but no one really understands the extreme effects of this global change. The most vulnerable concept is the change in climate. The ATEAM project conducted by M.J. Metzger, M.D.A. Rounsevell, L. Acosta-Michlik, R. Leemans and D. Schroter, was used to study this vulnerability. They conducted the study through the use of indicators and developed ways to help “regions in Europe cope with the effects of global change” (Metzger et al. 2006). Through this study, humans were seen to have a major role in climate change.

Humans are considered to be a major cause of climate change. In fact, because of humans, the atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased about thirty percent in the past three centuries, due to fossil-fuel combustion and deforestation; causing global warming (Justus & Fletcher, 1992). The continuous burning and cutting down of trees, creating more carbon pollution, is detrimental to Earth. However, if the forests are constantly being destroyed, the animals living there will no longer have a place to live and the Earth will continue to rise in temperature. (Chapin et al., 2000)

This increase in temperature is due to the sun’s rays becoming trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, known as the greenhouse…

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