The Problem Of Gaming Addiction Essay

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In order to further my understanding and knowledge on the subject of gaming addiction I have gathered research from six additional secondary sources. The sources are numbered based on the order that they appear on the reference page. According to research, approximately 8.5% of children in the United States who play video games are addicted. Those numbers were similar when tested worldwide. Addiction is defined by source one as not being able to stop, even when faced with dire consequences. Addiction also means feeling withdrawal symptoms when you stop doing whatever it is you are addicted to. If you are playing video games so much that you are not participating in normal life activities, then you are in danger of gaming addiction and need to seek assistance.
Many will ask the question; what’s so terrible about playing a lot of video games? Video game addiction is much more intense and dangerous than something like a teenager spending too much time texting. Source four explains how there have been many instances where a parent demands that there son or daughter stop playing videogames and it causes the subject to have an aggressive, violent outburst. Source four also explains that the reason for this is that the brain does not actually distinguish between violent shooter video games and actual real life combat. The brain is being trained to react rapidly and aggressively, which is the same way a soldier is trained. When the subject feels pressured, threatened, or are…

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