The Problem Of Education And Education Essay

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Section 3: Results/consequences/extent of problem/ how the problem effects the public.
1) Neglects the true purpose of education. The most important reason for getting an education is to become happy, healthy, well-adjusted and successful people in the future. Who have a full understanding of how to live a balanced life with family, community, and culture. However, modern educational systems forget the true meaning of education. They alienate students from the larger meaning of life. Many schools are so focused on finding and implementing educational programs that provide evidence for strong academic performances in their schools. What they want is not a student 's success, but a report of how prestigious their school is. They are unable to broaden their view of the true purpose of education by coming out of their bubble of being a “successful school.” Consequently, schools have focused their attention primarily on the objective dimension of learning and have dedicated so much of their time and so many of their resources toward making sure the academic performance keeps going upwards year after year. 2) Limits measurement of education to objective learning.
The main issue is that most schools only provide objective education. Objective education can be used to get thorough classes. They won’t help in dealing with life as a whole. What would help is knowledge about yourself, which is subjective education. It helps us understand the true purpose of our existence and…

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