The Problem Of Drug Abuse Essay examples

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The problem that manifests in South Africa especially amongst teenagers in the society is drug abuse. I say this because teenagers in schools have a habit of using drugs to stimulate their performance, build up their self-esteem or because of peer pressure and none of these should be happening in schools as drugs are illegal and they have negative effects for their bodies. Drug abuse is the excessive use of a substance that is illegal either alcohol or drugs, this leads the teen to be dependent on the substance.
A form of action that can be taken to deal with this problem especially in schools is that children should be searched for drugs in the morning before they enter the school premises, this will prevent the learners bringing drugs at school and they will spend five to six hours without using drugs. Another thing that can be done is that learners should be constantly taught about drugs and the new drugs that are trending in this way learner will know all about the drugs, what they look like and the effects of the drugs. For learners who already use drugs, I propose that their parents are informed about this and a way forward can be discussed with the parents that their children should be taken to rehab and also go for counselling to deal with the problem of drug abuse.
My worldview is that no learner should be influenced by their friends or peers to pressure them into taking drugs when they don’t want to, teenagers should learn to say no to the use of drugs as it is…

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