Essay on The Problem Of Driverless Car

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The idea of driverless car has been worked on by major tech companies like Google and Apple since 2005. In the next four to five years’ driverless cars will be on the road if they can overcome some technological, ethical, legal, and business hurdles. Firstly, with current technological hardware and software there are not enough safety features that can guarantee the safety of the passengers and pedestrians. There is also the ethical issue of a driverless car that is programmed to prioritize saving the lives of pedestrians over the lives of passengers. There are demonstrations such as the one depicted in the article “Researchers hack into driverless car system, take control of vehicle” were driverless cars were hacked do to their reliance on wireless technology. This shows that is a major security risk that has to be addressed before these cars are allowed onto public roads. The legality of putting a driverless car on the road with people is an issue that state and possibly national government will have to tackle as technology continues to evolve. There are unforeseen consequences, self-driving cars will have on the business and the job market. Lastly, it is unknown how the technology that was developed for driverless cars will be able to impact more than just the automobile industry.

Driverless cars will be making their debut onto public roads in the next four to five years. There have been attempts in recent years to create a car that has an adaptive…

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