Why Divorce Is Important In Today's Society

The family with a mother that stays home to take care of the kids and a father that goes to work every day is almost non-existent. Today’s women are holding jobs rather than staying home, and now the father goes to work but doesn’t live there anymore. The father now has his own place to go home to and perhaps a different wife. Divorce has become almost inevitable in today’s marriages. People are no longer staying together and there is a major increase in single parents. Despite these facts, divorce is necessary in today’s society.
Today when people enter into marriages, they have the option of divorcee in the back of their minds. This is seemingly a bad thought because it means that people have more of chance of getting divorced if they are
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Unfortunately, more and more marriages are being broken up by this problem. People may argue that in this situation the parents should work out their problems for the sake of the kids. “Children are frightened and angry, terrified of being abandoned by both parents, and they feel responsible for the divorce” (Wallerstein 69). If one spouse cheats on another there is no way that trust can be restored in the relationship. This means there will be more arguments and create a bad environment for the child to be in. The ultimate question would be: is it better for the couple to stay together and argue in front of their children all the time, or should they get divorced and explain to the children why? From my experience when people are constantly fighting, the environment created is a very hostile one. This hostility seems to spread to every individual in the house and everyone walks around angry or upset, an environment not very suitable for raising children.
Another leading reason for divorce is abuse within the relationship. Unfortunately there is an increasing amount of reported cases of domestic abuse, which leaves no other option than divorce. Abuse causes people to change their outlook on life. They become very lethargic towards life and the situations that may affect their lives. “Adolescence begins early in divorced homes and, compared with that of youngsters raised in intact families, is more likely to include more early sexual experiences for girls and higher alcohol and drug use for girls and boys” (Wallerstein

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