The Problem Of Climate Change Essay

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Have you ever seen water come up storm drains in sunny weather in the middle of the day? Or how about 70,000,000 people being stranded on rooftops? This is a problem people are beginning to face every year because of climate change. Climate change is greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere, causing earth’s temperature to rise. Climate change is a huge issue because it causes many problems that destroy lands and waters, and kill animals, plants, and humans or cause them to relocate. It is so important that every country, including China, and along with 50,000 business leaders showed up to a big meeting to address issues of climate change, how it is impacting their country, and what needs to be done to fix it (Background essay). Climate change is severely impacting humans, the lands, the waters, plants, and animals. One of the big reasons climate change is bad is it is impacting the land and waters. The ocean is warming up which causes sea ice to melt. Though this doesn 't affect flooding, it affects the world overall temperature, bringing it up even more and also affects fish and other sea creatures. Also with the warming temperatures, glaciers all around the world are being eroded. Glaciers can be crucial life support for villages in places that get little to no rain a year because it 's so cold. One of the other central impacts of climate change is flooding. The Thames Barrier in London was projected to be used 2-3 times a year at most and…

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