The Problem Of Climate Change Essay

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Tax the CO2
"The problem of climate change involves a fundamental failure of markets: those who damage others by emitting greenhouse gasses generally do not pay," said Sir Nicholas, the President of the British Academy (Benjamin, 2007). The economic activities conducted by developed countries produce a lot of greenhouse gasses, especially CO2, which directly lead to climate change, such as global warming. However, the impacts of high emission don’t fall on these countries. According to the report from the Center for Global Development (2015), the developed countries are responsible for 79% of global CO2 emission. In contrast, the developing countries suffer most from the impacts of global warming: in the last 25 years, 95% of fatalities from natural disasters caused by climate change occurred in developing countries (Global Economic Symposium, 2011). But now, the developed countries are also experiencing the negative effects of global warming. For example, only in the first half of 2016, there have already been many extreme weather disasters in the U.S., such deadly floods in West Virginia and catastrophic wildfires in California (Jamie, 2016). Developed countries might not need to pay the cost for their high emissions of CO2 now, but eventually, it will fall on everyone on the Earth, especially on the future generations. To protect our next generations, I recommend that the governments of all developed countries should reduce their CO2 emissions by taxing those economic…

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