Economic Consequences Of Climate Change

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understand the severe economic consequences of climate change. For example, “The Atlantic is a news organization that covers news and analysis on politics, and environmental issues”. The Atlantic indicate,
“When Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast of the U.S. and the Caribbean in October 2012 it exposed millions of people and billions of dollars worth of economic assets to the sorts of hazards that might be expected to increase as a result of climate change. An estimated 1.8 million structures and homes were destroyed or damaged, with economic losses exceeding $65 billion”. If the issue of global climate change is not addressed properly, it will create enormous economic challenges that will create huge price tags on the global economy;
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Since evidence has shown in this project climate change is real, we should now focus on finding sustainable solutions for increasing environmental problems by working with the private sector and governments to create and fund programs that will promote greenhouse gas emission reduction, encourage adaptation programs, as well as educational initiatives. For example, the city of New York has developed plans to minimize climate change impact in order to protect residents from extreme conditions. “The Scientific American, scientific news organization that focus on scientific issues including earth, environment and …show more content…
As we continue to face these environmental challenges, I believe that humanity should focus on the global solutions which are difficult to accept but will yield fruitful results in reducing the impact of climate change. For example, New York City continues to make a difference by creating a system of management that will focus climate change initiatives, while at the same time focusing on adaptation programs as a way forward in reducing the impact of climate change. Hertsgaard writes, “Cynthia Rosenzweig, a senior research scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University and chief science adviser on New York’s plan says, “Adaption helps you manage today’s climate extreme- the storms and floods that would be occurring regardless of climate change- as well as the greater extremes that climate change will bring in the

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