The Problem Of Child Soldiers Essay

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The Problem of Child Soldiers: The Case of CAR
After the Second World War, the nature wars have changed. They are no longer between states or alliances. They are within states. Usually as a result of parties within states rising up against unfair treatment, inequitable distribution of wealth that have led to economic disparities, control of resources, corruption or disdain for other ethnic groups within the same country. Reasons for the new phenomenon surrounding conflicts have not changed the fact that more turmoil and destruction has been seen as a result of this change. The high incidence of these wars in the Global South is troubling as it sets the development process back.
It has been asserted that intra-state conflicts are by nature more violent than inter-state wars (Snow, 1996, 2). A consensus on the negative impact of civil or intrastate wars on the economic growth of most countries in the Global South particularly in Africa, has been reiterated by many scholars (Collier and Hoefler, 2002; Elbadawi and Sambanis 2000) and multilateral world institutions like the United Nations and World Bank. Cilliers and Schunemann (2013) note that most African countries became embroiled with a series of violent transitions after they attained independence in part because of “the divisiveness of the original boundary-making processes, the coercive nature of colonial rule and the messy process of independence.” Most African countries experienced growth right after gaining freedom…

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