The Problem Of Bilingual Education Essay

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In the essay Rodriguez challenges the idea of bilingual education, he takes us through his personal experience of a bilingual childhood where he talks about what he encountered in America as he attempts to adjust to the American culture, and preserving his intimacy with his family even through the language barrier. While doing so he also questioned his own identity and race when he diminished and sacrificed his “private and intimate language”, Spanish. I can relate to what he went through in a major way, the reason being, I lived in a bilingual environment when I was little.
Richard Rodriguez was Born in a Mexican immigrant family, him and he’s family moved to California, so he had to adapt to the new and unfamiliar situation, where the culture and language is completely different, therefore making him feel like he did not belong in the American culture. In the essay Rodriguez talks about how he struggled and felt isolated in school because the teacher and the other students will be talking in English, which he did not know very well. Which is why he had classified Spanish and English as “the private and the public language”. To him Spanish was his “private language” it made him feel safe because he was familiar with it, whereas English also for him known as “the public language” made him feel isolated and scared. English seemed odd and difficult to him, and he did not want to learn it, but one day after his teachers made a visit to his house, where they encouraged his…

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