Essay The Problem Of Ageing Population

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The population became stalely going older around the world. To begin with, it is because of a considerable decline in the number of marriages and a change of mindset of younger generations who widely prefer their single lives rather than traditional family, a decrease in birth rates is noticeable. It led to an uneven distribution in age and birth rate and cut off the amount of wworkers supply. Besides, the medical system in the past century was backward and undeveloped; on the contrary, health management and medication are seem to scientific and modernization in this generation, such as the surgeries and drug of chronic diseases. Depend of the dropping of birth rates and the improved healthcare, it is widely believed that the global population growing older which can lead to a series of problems to the societies. Indeed, ageing population is one of the most serious problems to the global steadily, it affects the societies stability, economy, foreign affairs, medical and policy system of society in a country.

First of all, the ageing population cause society differentiation and domistic violence. Elderly are being sidelined by others and it surely has pressure to take care of them (Khevyn). Meanwhile, elderly did not have enough money for living after they retired. It will cause security problems, such as theft and sharper. Youth are likely to feel annoying to support the incresing amount of elderly, it cause domistic violence and dispute appeare in the socirty. Celine…

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