The Problem Of Addiction And Addiction Essay

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Everyone loves being happy. This is common knowledge around the world to any population, culture or community. There is a type of high people get when they participate in anything that gives them pleasure. But more importantly, if there is a chance for a person to become happier than they are currently, what should stop them from moving towards that? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with the possibility of being content and taking part in the journey towards that. The real problem comes when the chase for happiness becomes an obsession and will not allow a person to participate in normal activities anymore without struggle. Many believe that addiction is something that chemically binds a person to an object, however, it can be anything that causes the brain to create a chemical high and an overwhelming desire for the thing that gives the person temporary pleasure.
Many have heard of addiction and have a basic idea of what it means, but addiction means more than “A compulsive habit you can’t quit” like Urban Dictionary defines. The word addiction comes from the Latin word, addictiō, which means to surrender or give over (Understanding Addiction). When one becomes addicted to something, the body surrenders itself and lets the addiction take over one’s life.
All humans have the ability to become addicted, but the majority of people who develop addictions are those that struggle with peer pressure, psychological disorders, anxiety and depression. The quality of a person 's home…

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