The Problem Of A Theoretical Framework Essay

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Aside from the violations of APA style standards, grammatical errors, and misuse of punctuation, the paper, “Making Your Money Work: Tax Refunds to Debt Reduction”, also violated a number of research protocols. The researcher was unable to create a theoretical framework. The absence of a theoretical framework led to a number of assertions that can’t be substantiated with the information presented. The author attempts to establish a theoretical framework by stating the three goals of the project. However, in order to establish a theory, the author needed to present a tentative explanation that is subject to testing. This explanation would either increase or decrease the likelihood that the assertion was true. In this paper, the author was unable to establish a theory or link the research to an existing body of knowledge.
In the literature review process of the project, the researcher did not identify a theory within existing literature that explains the relationship between independent and dependent variables, nor was the researcher able to identify an overarching theory that explains the researcher’s hypothesis. In this project, the researcher is attempting to develop a theory as opposed to advancing an existing theory. Another issue noted within this project is that the independent and dependent variables were not defined in the paper. The hypothesis appears to be as follows: “linking withholding to debt seems to be a very promising avenue for improving the financial…

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