Essay on The Problem Of A List And Identify The Problems

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With just these few examples you can see that no matter how big or small the problem, it can be put to paper.Make a list to encompass one of the situations and work it through. It becomes easier with practice. Make your lists and identify the problems.

You have some decisions to make. Now you know how you feel and why, which one of these do you want to carry with you into the future? Go ahead and put the ones you want to keep in a folder with the understanding that you are bringing these feelings into all your future relationships. Don’t judge it, just make the decision. If there are some that you need to keep, put them in a folder and tuck it away. It is time for the next step.

~Work through it physically
Now you are feeling a little uncomfortable and all those emotions are front and center in your mind. The body responds to these emotions and anger as well. Aches, pains, and stresses hide in muscles and help perpetuate the echo. It is time to work this out.

Many people are surprised about how much tension and stress has set into their physical body. How many times do you furrow your brow a day? How many pounds are gained simply from eating in a moment of stress or emotion? How many times a day do you clench your jaw or tighten your shoulders.? It is time to pay attention and as soon as it begins to happen put a stop to it.

The method of physical activity is not important. Develop routines and then try new things. Change is growth. As you are engaged in physical…

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