The Problem Of A Bureaucracy Essay

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According to introduction to Sociology 2e a bureaucracy is “Formal organizations characterized by a hierarchy authority, a clear division of labor, explicit rules and impersonality. “ Max Weber said that a bureaucracy normally would have four definite characteristics. Hierarchy of Authority, a clear division of labor, explicit rules, and impersonality. Some people say that companies like General Motors, Amazon, and Facebook are bureaucracies. Let’s explore this proposition.
I think that they are right when they say that these major companies are bureaucracies. First of all, bureaucracy makes sure things go as planned in an organized and efficient way. Facebook makes getting in touch with people easier than having to look in the phone book. It also has many different ways of communicating, which is their primary focus. General Motors makes sure that there are enough cars for everybody in the world to have one… or two. Likewise Amazon helps people I need, from electronics, to books, to clothes. All of these companies are for people to use in an efficient, hasty, and timely way to help the economy.
What makes these companies a bureaucracy? First of all they all have a hierarchy of authority. Meaning they have different levels of employees that work there. For instance, in General Motors there are the people in the assembly line, who are the average workers, Most of the time this is where the majority of the company employees will be. Then there are the assembly line…

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