Essay about The Privilege Of Interviewing My Mother

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For this paper, I had the privilege of interviewing my mother, Ms. Avianne Philbert. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, at the age of 12 she and her family moved to America as many did in order to find a better opportunity to raise their family. Upon asking her what her take on American history is, we got to talking longer and discovered that her favorite American History movie is Malcolm X. She reflected on what black history and religion in the movie meant to her, and how it relates to America from its creation to its current state. At the end of the interview, her ultimate view was that Malcolm X and his change from the beginning of his journey to the end is much like America then and now, in that when the past is used as a learning tool, even the staunchest of ideologies can change for the better.
Coming up in American schools in the 70s, the change in history, especially when we talk about ethnic history was happening all around her. Yet she feels that it was never properly taught to her in her upbringing, as school curriculum often dictates what is and is not fit to be taught to the students. The progress that African Americans like Malcolm X made was known, but not fully seen and taught to her, and as a result, Avianne expressed her frustration of coming up in a then very different country bereft of the information that would help to shape her rights as a black person in America today (Interview).
Malcolm X, after overcoming his life as an outlaw became a man…

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