Malcolm X Letter To Mecca Summary

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Malcolm X’s document/letter “A Letter From Mecca” was produced in the 1960’s. A period in which the United States violence was at the extremist of conditions. A period in which many assassinations took place, such as our 34th president John F. Kennedy. A time when minorities like the African Americans were promised a change but were never given one. A time in which African Americans were in desperate need to change America and it's infectious disease of racism. The 60’s was a time in which the nation was divided into races of different colors. African American started searching for change, no longer with peace, but with “black separatism” and “black pride” which breeded violence.It was a time in which the civil rights movement rose to its highest points. African Americans were tired of approaching racism in a nonviolent way during the 50s. As we entered the 60s the nonviolent techniques the moment had embraced began to decrease …show more content…
While in Mecca, Malcolm X got an opportunity to make his Hajj, a religious journey to Mecca that most adult Muslims are expected to make at least once in their lifetime. This Hajj, as implied in the document made Malcolm X’s perspective on the “incurable cancer” ‘plaguing America”, racism, completely changed, ‘We were truly all the same (brothers)- because their belief in one god had removed the white from their minds, the white from their behavior, and the white from their attitude” In this quote the word’s “white connotation meant racism. He experienced something that could never be felt in America. A sense of equality, a sense of belonging in a place where “one religion” “erases from its society the race problem” Throughout this document the reader really gets a chance to view the dramatic change Malcolm X made with his conversion to true islam and how he left the idea of “black separatism” and “black pride”

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