The Printing Revolution : Facilitating The Success Of Major European Movements

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The Printing Revolution: Facilitating the Success of Major European Movements Gutenberg himself could not have predicted the immense impact his invention would have on forever shaping the landscape of Europe. The advent of the printing press, a revolution in and of itself, helped lay the foundation for the major movements observed in early modern Europe. Professor Daly contends that “no other single breakthrough can be as directly credited with initiating so much revolutionary change.” To which I wholeheartedly agree. The very fabric of European society was beginning to change. All across Europe, a time of great intellectual achievement and rebirth was underway. Transformative movements in culture, religion, and science were impacting all societal spheres of early modern Europe. These movements have invariably helped shape every facet of early modern European life. However, the impact of these revolutions could not have been as prominent without the driving force that was the printing revolution. The printing revolution directly helped spur the revolutionary powers of the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution because information and knowledge of these movements could be more easily conveyed to the masses in the form of print. The explosion of knowledge that traversed every aspect of European culture during the Renaissance can be attributed to the printing revolution. The Renaissance was a time of great intellectual enlightenment. Numerous classical texts…

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